1. What is Green Stay Croatia?

Green Stay Croatia is the first web platform in Croatia dedicated exclusively to connecting eco-friendly accommodations that meet specific sustainability criteria with travelers. In addition, authentic stories are written by hosts highlighting the uniqueness and sustainability of accommodations, and events in tourism related to eco-friendly accommodations nearby are featured.

The web platform offers the opportunity to organize an eco-friendly holiday in Croatia all in one place.


2. Why Green Stay Croatia?

  • Providing a platform for connecting eco-friendly accommodations with travelers
  • Personalized promotion of eco-friendly accommodations
  • Working to increase visibility and number of bookings
  • Creating authentic stories and marketing support
  • Standing out in competition through dedication to sustainability
  • Providing support in achieving sustainability

3. How can I advertise my sustainable property for tourism?

  1. Click the "Grow With Us" button.
  2. Choose your desired membership package.
  3. Fill out the application form with the necessary information.

4. What is the price of advertising services for sustainable properties for tourism?

Membership Packages for Sustainable Tourism Properties:

  1. Green Starter - 12% commission
  2. Green Plus - 18 euros/month or 216 euros/year - annual payment only/no commission
  3. Premium Green - 25 euros/month or 300 euros/year - annual payment only/no commission

5. What do the membership packages for sustainable properties for tourism include?

By clicking the "Grow With Us" button, you can find all the details about the Green Stay Croatia memberships and benefits.


6. Can I advertise on Green Stay Croatia even if I have a contract with an agency?

Yes! You can advertise on Green Stay Croatia even if you have a contract with an agency. Green Stay Croatia offers the choice of membership between three packages. The first package offers the possibility of commission-based mediation of reservations by Green Stay Croatia, while the second and third packages offer a contact form where guests can contact you directly via your email address. When choosing any package, you can advertise on Green Stay Croatia.


7. How do you manage reservations?

If the first membership package with commission is chosen, then we act as intermediaries between the host and the guest. In this case, the guest contacts us if they want to book your accommodation. We then check availability and price with you. After that, we partially share availability and price with the guests and connect them with you.

If the second or third membership package without commission with an annual membership fee is chosen, then a contact form is linked to your profile with your email address, and you manage the entire reservation process yourself. We send you an additional notification when a reservation inquiry is received.

In both cases, inquiries are handled within 24 hours.


8. Can I specify different prices throughout the year?

Of course, you can specify different prices throughout the year immediately when filling out the form, or you can inform us to enter new prices and changes. Different prices throughout the year can be specified regardless of the selected membership package.


9. How does the payment process work?

Green Stay Croatia does not handle direct payments and cancellations. The guest makes the payment directly to the host. Green Stay Croatia provides all necessary information about the guest to the host, and then arrangements are made regarding the payment method (deposit, credit card, cash).


10. What happens in case of cancellation?

Green Stay Croatia does not handle cancellations. We recommend that you inform guests about your cancellation policies. If a reservation is canceled, please notify us via email. You manage cancellations directly with the guests.


11. How is the commission payment handled?

The commission payment (12%) is only applied if the host selects the Green Starter package. Green Stay Croatia sends an invoice to the host at the end of each month, depending on how many reservations have been made through the Green Stay Croatia platform.

The Green Plus and Premium Green packages do not have a commission fee, and they only pay the annual membership fee.


12. To whom is the reservation invoice issued?

You issue invoices exclusively in the name of the guest and send them to the guest as a confirmation of the reservation.


13. How can the guest pay me?

You determine the payment method with the guest, in agreement with them.


14. How can I update my information?

We take care of all the changes. For updating information, contact us at: info@greenstaycroatia.com


15. How can I highlight my sustainable property for tourism?

You can highlight your sustainable property by appearing on our homepage with a potent and attractive description, photos, and by creating an authentic story.


16. How is the sustainability of properties for tourism verified?

The sustainability of properties for tourism that appear on our platform is verified through a meticulous review and analysis of the information provided by hosts during the registration of their properties. This includes descriptions of sustainable practices, relevant certificates or sustainability labels, and photos showcasing the environmental features of the property. Additionally, we are open to collaborating with local organizations and partners to further support and promote sustainability.


17. How can I get support or technical assistance if I encounter difficulties?

In case of technical difficulties or for support, you can contact us in several ways:

  1. Email: Send an inquiry to info@greenstaycroatia.com. Our team will contact you and provide the necessary support.
  2. Facebook Messenger: Contact us through Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page or the Messenger chat application to quickly reach us and get a response to all inquiries.

We provide fast and efficient assistance to resolve difficulties and ensure a better experience on the Green Stay Croatia platform.


18. Which criteria of sustainability need to be met to advertise?

Main Sustainability Criteria for sustainable properties for tourism (at least 6):

1. Use of Recycling Bins

Providing separate bins for the collection of recyclable waste to encourage waste sorting.

2. Reduced Use of Single-Use Plastics

Limiting or completely banning the use of single-use plastics, such as plastic bottles, bags, and utensils, to reduce the negative environmental impact.

3. Implementation of Efficient Water Consumption Devices

Installing low-flow faucets to reduce water consumption during handwashing, showering, and cleaning.

4. Enhancement of Local Development

Offering information and opportunities for guests to engage in local traditions and cultural events, promoting traditional products and souvenirs to support the local economy.

5. Locally Sourced Food

Serving food produced or grown locally to support local agriculture.

6. Use of Renewable Energy

Ensuring that the energy required for the property comes from renewable sources (e.g., solar thermal panels).

7. Use of Class A Household Appliances

Choosing household appliances with an energy class A to reduce energy consumption.

8. Use of LED Bulbs

Using energy-efficient LED bulbs that consume less energy than traditional bulbs.

9. Use of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Using environmentally friendly cleaning agents to reduce the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

10. Implementing Pest Control Without the Use of Chemicals

Implementing pest control methods that do not involve the use of harmful chemicals to preserve the ecosystem.

11. Environmentally Friendly Activities

Providing guests with the opportunity to participate in activities (e.g., bike rentals, hiking, etc.) with a low environmental impact, promoting sustainable movement and raising awareness of nature conservation.

12.  Availability of Green Spaces

Providing access to green areas for guests to enjoy the natural environment.


Other Sustainability Criteria for sustainable properties for tourism:

13. Using Soap and Shampoo Dispensers

Utilizing soap and shampoo dispensers to reduce plastic bottle consumption and promote efficiency.

14. Rainwater Harvesting

Collecting rainwater for household use, such as watering gardens and rinsing surfaces.

15. Automatic Light Control

Installing light sensors to automatically turn off lights in unused areas, saving energy.

16. Organic Food

Serving food produced through organic methods, without harmful pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

17. Native Plant Garden

Maintaining a garden with native plants to encourage biodiversity and preserve natural flora.

18. Composting

Composting organic waste to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

19. Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Using furniture made from environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable.

20. Upcycling Objects on the Property

Reusing items such as furniture, dishes, and books. Collecting objects, upcycling them and placing them to be re-used, thus promoting waste reduction.

21. Green Building Practices

Employing eco-friendly materials and methods during the construction of the property to minimize environmental impact.

22. Ecological Labels and Certifications

Holding official ecological labels and certifications that affirm a commitment to sustainable practices and service quality.

23. Employment of Local Workers

Supporting the local economy by hiring local workers.


19. How are certificates displayed?

Certificates are displayed on property profiles to provide additional confirmation on their commitment to sustainable practices. Relevant certificates and sustainability labels acquired by properties will be shown on their profiles. Certificates provide additional assurance to travelers and confirm that hosts are dedicated to sustainability.


20. How can I participate in creating authentic stories or experiences on the platform?

Participation in creating authentic stories and experiences on the platform is simple:

  1. Hosts can choose the appropriate membership package that includes the option to share authentic stories.
  2. Travelers who want to share their positive experiences with accommodation or destination can contact us via email at info@greenstaycroatia.com. We are here to support and promote authentic stories.

Our goal is to create an inspiring space for sharing and promoting experiences that promote sustainability and local culture.


21. Why do we create authentic stories and blogs?

Authentic stories and blogs are written for several significant reasons:

  • They allow travelers to gain a deeper understanding of the destination, local culture, and the environment through personal experiences and stories.
  • They inspire travelers to explore sustainable options and contribute to the preservation of nature and culture.
  • They raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and the need for responsible travel.
  • They create connections between travelers and hosts through the sharing of experiences and stories.
  • They provide useful information and tips on sustainable travel and activities that support local communities.

Writing authentic stories and blogs contributes to creating a rich and informative experience for travelers and promotes sustainable tourism.


22. How does the platform contribute to the development of sustainable tourism and local communities?

  • We actively promote sustainable accommodation, encouraging travelers to choose responsible and environmentally conscious practices.
  • Collaborating with local communities, environmental organizations, and local authorities strengthens the ties between tourism and local interests.
  • By encouraging bookings of sustainable options, the platform supports economic benefits for local communities.
  • Travelers have the opportunity to connect with hosts who share their knowledge and resources, fostering cultural exchange.
  • The platform provides educational resources to travelers about the importance of preserving nature and culture, all the while encouraging responsible behavior.

Sustainability is a key component of our platform, and our mission is to ensure that travel not only enriches travelers but also contributes to the long-term preservation of the environment and support for local communities.


23. How can I get information about tourism events in Croatia?

To get information about tourism events in Croatia, follow our homepage. We regularly update information about current events for different cities and destinations. We also provide recommendations for properties that will help you make the most of your experience during these events. Our mission is to ensure that travelers have access to the latest and most relevant information about tourism events in Croatia.


24. How can we ensure the security and protection of users’ personal data on the platform?

We ensure the security and protection of users' data through a clear privacy policy, data encryption, and access control, thereby protecting their confidentiality and security. We do not collect more personal data than is necessary, we do not use your data for purposes not specified, we do not store your data if it is no longer necessary, we never sell, lend, distribute, or publicly publish your data, we do not send your data to third parties, we do not use any automated processing for decision-making or profiling, we do not monitor visits to our website or any analytics or hidden collection of personal data, we do not transfer your data outside the EU/EEA to a third country or international organization, also regularly we update our privacy policy to adapt to changes in legislation and technology.


Still have questions?

Reach out to us at info@greenstaycroatia.com, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Green Stay Croatia

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